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For items likely to be recycled, such as low quality, less desirable items, or broken jewelry, their value may be only as scrap metal.

In today’s market, many buyers will not pay anything for small diamonds unless they are very high quality, concentrating only on the value of the gold.

Jewelry was also worn in ancient times by the ruling classes in Egypt, Babylon, and beyond.

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The reflects not only the quality and weight of metal and gems, but also how you go about selling the item– the assumption is that you need money right away so you have to find a buyer with ready cash such as a pawn broker or jeweler who buys used jewelry.

Jack, My mother and sister went to your shop today and purchased the engagement ring we were discussing.

Jewelry itself has a long history of use, and was used to denote the wealth of the wearer.

Royalty were often adorned in a variety of jewels and metals.

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Larger diamonds of quality may bring 50% of wholesale at best- shapes other than round are not as easy to resell, so buyers may only offer 25% of wholesale.

The scrap market normally pays 40 – 80% of gold value, depending on quality and quantity.

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