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Always looking to get a game of softball going after school at P. I remember Good Food grocery, Oscar Krieger's butcher, and the printing store where my mom worked with Connie Najmark.

I remember: Rita De Bias, Sharon Bursuk, Gina ..., Halbert Feinberg, Marshall Krauthamer, Robert Hoffman, Jerry Joseph, Susan Landon, Gary Goldman, Robert Weisbrodt, Tommy Rizzo, Curtis..., Herbert Frankel, Bernard Kleinman, Ellen ..., Susan Klein, Libby Finesmith (what a nice person), Joel Kurtzman, Happy Gold, and Glenda - all in that photo. My husband Jack lived in Arverne in the Rockaways 169th Street and Thursby Ave. We met at a Purim dance at the Laurelton Jewish Center Feb. Her mother's name was Marie Kelly and her sister was Debbie Kelly. Martinson who I used to write to when he was in Viet Nam. Another person was Paul Donados we were suppose to meet in front of St Patrick Cathedral for the year 2000 however I was ill and never made it. Susan and I have been married for 37 yrs and we live near Albany, NY and I have remained friends with Dr. E-mail me at Marla [email protected]: residing in Newton, MA. Michael Feldman's comments brought back so many memories. I have been in touch with Marsha Straubing, Donna Klur, Adrianne Sklar, Michael Ginsburg, Larry Frank. I am married with two children and 5 grandkids and having a GREAT life! We had bus passes for the Q5 that came in different colors each month that we saved.

His victory was credited with helping to end the 128-year control of the Florida Senate by the Democratic Party, as the Republicans netted three Senate seats in 1992, resulting in a 20-20 tie between the two parties.

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; born July 24, 1956) is an American attorney and politician who is the U. Representative for Florida's 13th congressional district. He had also previously served as the 44th Governor of Florida from 2007 to 2011.

Crist began his political career as a Republican, serving in the Florida Senate from 1993 to 1999, running unsuccessfully for the U. Senate in 1998 when he challenged incumbent Bob Graham and then serving as Florida Education Commissioner from 2001 to 2003 and Florida Attorney General from 2003 to 2007, before being elected governor in 2006.

Blog with new MP3s and lots of exclamation points!!! As evidenced by altercations with Bun B and Lupe Fiasco, Crawford is the rare blogger whose personality distinguishes him from the rest of the field.

Imagine the perfect blogger: witty, controversial, curmudgeonly and a bit portly from all those hours spent raging on the Interwebs. (Also can be found blogging on ) The best place to hear Cham recount how Michael Jordan sonned him in a club.

Writing quality can seesaw between professional and greenhorn, but sprawling coverage of music, fashion, gadgetry and sports gives aspiring journalists a valuable place to amass clips and stylistically sand off the rough edges.

Launched back in antediluvian 1998 by Greg “Grouchy” Watkins and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, All Hip Hop became the grand dame of rap-news sites by virtue of dependable original reporting, opportune Q&A interviews and those famed e-mail blasts.Crist decided not to run for re-election as governor in 2010, instead announcing on May 12, 2009 that he was running for the U. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Senator Mel Martinez.After initially leading in the race for the Republican nomination, he was overtaken in the polls by Marco Rubio, and in April 2010, Crist left the Republican Party and ran as an Independent. He is the second of four children and has three sisters: Margaret Crist Wood, Elizabeth Crist Hyden, and Catherine Crist Kennedy. Crist was hired as general counsel to Minor League Baseball, which was headquartered in St. Drawn to politics, Crist was a candidate for public office for the first time in 1986, as a Republican, in the primary race for a state Senate seat in Pinellas County.Chiles testified before the committee and admitted that his campaign had made the calls.Crist left his position after he was elected attorney general.Sound-tracked by the irresistibly recognizable hits that keep you coming back for more. Credits include: Les Misérables (Enjolras, WVPT), Camelot FOUR SEASONS (l–r) Bob Gaudio, Frankie Valli, Nick Massi and Tommy De Vito. Master’s degree in music, Oklahoma City University (voice: Florence Birdwell), The Studio/NY (Jayd Mc Carty’s acting conservatory).

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