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Hardy loves her goodly parents and her people, but eventually decides she can’t be Mormon anymore.

Her patriarchal blessing, in fact, explicitly states it; in addition, her loving mother has a portentous dream in which she sees Hardy as the future mother of four.

“When I date online I’m confident, whereas in normal single situations I can get insecure and be reduced to a high school junior. I love having a say in who I meet and who I date.”One of the best attributes of online dating is the variety. Below are just a handful of websites LDS singles commonly log on to.······ Simply said: Online dating can work.“Some people think online dating is unnatural,” says James Green, general manager of

You have dated in the 'real world' before - you see someone across the way who catches your eye, you work up the nerve to talk to the person, you get the number, you call - and SUCCESS! You see a great picture in the Photo Gallery, send a Smile or a Card, start Mailing back and forth and chatting via Instant Messenger for a while, you get the number, call and you love the conversations.

The perfect LDS social network but just for singles!

So in this 2011 world of “Nice to Tweet you,” many LDS singles are initiating their first encounters in a decidedly digital way.The type of crowd online dating attracts is typically older and more successful.“This type of dating usually draws in people of the professional world,” says Snell, who has created a series of dating books and DVDs known as “It’s Not You—It’s Your Technique” ( to mention the online world can give you a buffer in case the relationship fizzles.“Many men don’t date women in their singles wards just so they can avoid awkward encounters if it doesn’t work out,” Snell says. Online settings can give you that extra boost of confidence.“I actually think I’m better at online dating,” says Chloe Andersen, 33, a New York City resident who’s been online dating off and on for the last seven years.The Pros Where have all the good men (and women) gone?“It is becoming increasingly difficult for LDS people to meet a potential spouse once they’re out of college,” says Alisa Snell, a dating coach and marriage and family therapist in Utah. Between demanding schedules of work, school, family, and church, it can be difficult to stop and smell the potential roses.

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