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The severed right foot and pieces of skin were believed to be from a woman or teenager, investigators told local Rio newspaper O Dia.

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Just two days before to the unsettling discovery, police, firefighters and other first responders expressed their dismay by greeting arrivals at Rio’s Galeão International Airport with signs that said, "Welcome to Hell." Protesting first responders said they have been receiving late paychecks and facing poor working conditions, which they fear will impact public safety in Rio.

Officers have also been without water, toilet paper and ink to print police reports, Folha de Sao Paulo reported, causing Rio police stations to shut down for eight hours in protest Monday.

CDH is not a diagnosis but the presence of headache on at least 15 days/month for at least 3 months.

Patients with CDH need secondary etiologies excluded through appropriate investigations before establishing treatment programs.

Successful treatment plans can be life-changing for patients.

Unfortunately, due to both patient and physician-related factors, many individuals with CDH lapse from medical care and seek alternative therapies, and some continue spiraling downward, fueled by medication misuse and overuse.

In this article, we review primary CDH and discuss evidence-based treatment strategies.

Determining the usual duration (greater or less than 4 hours) of individual headache episodes will refine the differential diagnosis in patients with primary CDH.

“Jared Payne has been replaced on the bench for the British and Irish Lions clash with the Hurricanes at Westpac Stadium on Tuesday night,” read a Lions statement.

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