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During the investigation, Salibra also discovered Tantan’s list of prohibited phrases, which included terms like “meet for sex? Once a user enters one of these phrases in a chat, they receive a warning message saying: “This message might be seen as offensive, we would advise thinking twice before sending it!

” Depending on the app’s settings, the “offensive language” warning will appear in Chinese or English.

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Also, keywords can't contain any non-standard characters like: !

@ % , * You can use keyword match types with campaigns that show ads on the Search Network.

Understanding these differences can help you to choose the right options and improve your return on investment.

When choosing the appropriate match type for a keyword, we typically recommend starting with broad match to maximize your potential to show your ads on relevant searches.

You really believe in your app’s added value and can’t wait for users to discover it… It is lost in the App Store amongst other apps, which are stealing potential users away from you. Today, there are over 2 million apps in the Apple App Store.

By making your app more visible and appear at the top of the search results, you will naturally increase the number of your app users.

However, users are still free to send and receive messages containing these terms, but as Salibra points out, they might wish to take extra care due to Tantan’s lack of encryption.

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