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Instead of burning tobacco, e-cigs use battery power to heat up an oil containing nicotine and often a flavor, from menthol to pineapple.

If you're like super sensitive and shit, I may not be the author for you! Im slightly obsessed with fantasy things and have an even larger obsession with all things fae. Im pagan, but can also be classified as a spiritualist because of my studies of different religions.

I'm a bit of an otaku and spend most of my days reading manga or watching anime, I'm also in the process of learning Japanese~ I love literature, especially the classics, but my favorite thing to write is in fact fantasy novels. nk*Ivy Levan*2NE1*4Minute*Hatsune Miku*Madonna*Oingo Boingo*Britney Spears*Kat Edmonson Poltergeists Leading Leading Ladies!! Jinx Clemens- Soul Flora Duval- Heart of the World Gizmo- Tick Tock Vega Moore-Trouble/ Treason Zee- Zee!

The castle consists of two towers joined at one corner dating from two different periods.

The castle was originally constructed in approximately 1457 on the site which is believed to have archaeological links to an earlier possible Roman site.

It was as sui generis, or culturally unique unto itself, a movie as there ever was. Even as good as she is, Cox’s immaculate — and historic —performance feels tame compared with Curry’s subversive screen one. Curry’s “Wild Untamed Thing” was both showstopper and high comedy when wheelchair-bound Dr. There’s a reason for that — she plays an usher to some movie patrons who, in homage to millions of fans over the years, will perform some of the classic “callbacks” during the telecast.

You simply don’t reboot “sui generis.” Except Fox has, and no one should be surprised at the results: Dutiful, reverent, energetic, expertly crafted and yet utterly incapable of escaping the long shadow of its exotic midnight forbear. Nice idea, but I’ll take the Red Lips any day — and suspect “RHPS” purists will, too.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Laverne Cox Laverne and Tim were joined at the premiere by fellow cast members including Victoria Justice, Ryan Mc Cartan, Christina Milian, Staz Nair, Ivy Levan, Reeve Carney, and Ben Vereen.Also at the premiere were the movie’s producers Lou and Cisco Adler, as well as Laverne‘s mom Gloria.actress was joined at the event by Tim Curry, who originated the role of Dr.Frank-N-Furter, the role Laverne plays in the movie.It’s not a carcinogen cloud, but vapor from Njoy, an electronic-cigarette brand that looks just like the real thing.

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