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The group's fourth album Somewhere Somehow was released in late 2013 and includes singles "Just Keep Breathing", "Find You There", "Any Other Way", and "Art of War".Their fifth studio album, Strange Love, came out on November 20, 2015. Friends since childhood, the four bandmates (singer/guitarist Travis Clark, guitarist Hunter Thomsen, his bassist brother Drew Thomsen, and drummer Danny Duncan) formed the group while attending high school.Travis: The song, I wrote it in Australia while we were there in February earlier this year. While I was in Sydney, I met this girl who was literally the most stunning person that I had ever seen in my entire life. I went up to her and I said, "Hi," and I didn't know what else to say other than, 'Hi, you're so beautiful and I would regret it if I never told you that." And she was like, "Oh, that's really sweet." It wasn't at a show or anything like that, it was just literally while we were there walking around the streets.

The band's self-titled full-length debut album, released in 2007, included the platinum single "Check Yes Juliet", and went on to sell over 250,000 copies in the US.

The group's second album Smile Kid (2009) included Top 40 singles "Heaven Can Wait" and "We'll Be a Dream" (featuring Demi Lovato), as well as the single "She Takes Me High".

Nothing was just thrown on the record, everything was there for a reason and there because I wanted it to be there.

But there's a song off the record called "You and Only You" and it's a song that I really want to kind of one day sing to my wife -- wherever she is in the world.

Front man Travis Clark recently chatted with J-14 all about the new album, the sweet story behind the album's second single "Say You Like Me", and what it's like touring with his close friend Demi on the road. Travis Clark: We live in Florida, which is the sunshine state, and because we pretty much spend eleven months on the road and a couple days here, a couple days there at home, we try to keep with us our family and friends from our hometown.

It's really the only thing that we know for anything permanent and we wanted to dedicate a record to our friends and family.A new speculation on what really caused the middle member of Jonas Brothers to part ways with the "Sonny with a Chance" beauty has been brought up in the new issue of People magazine.To the publication, a source claimed that the 21-year-old singer had to put an end to their romantic relationship because "her attitude and behavior were out of control".The band got its name from the middle school that all the members attended called Martha B. The band's first tour was with Don't Die Cindy in the summer of 2005 where the group went by Broken Image, then later went under the moniker De Soto.The band A Heartwell Ending (later renamed Call the Cops) supported for the final leg of the tour.We want people to laugh, smile, and be happy listening to it and hope that a song makes them think of a moment in time that brings them happiness.

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