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The toddler's grandmother, Lillian Garcia, told Sorensen, who has her own daughter (center), that she was pathetic and took a way a sweet innocent child, and hoped that she would think of Joileen often Details in the report said that in an interview with Sorensen's boyfriend, he said chili powder was not used routinely as a way of punishment on the children but that liquid chili sauce had been used previously.

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Blacc sang from the "Play Button" at the center of the giant Wrestle Mania stage. Dean eventually climbed a ladder and splashed everyone except for R-Truth, who entered the ring and tried to conquer his fear of heights, but Barrett cut him off before he could climb.

LL Cool J then introduced Wrestle Mania via video package talking about technology changing the way everyone communicates. Bryan then entered the ring and landed corner dropkicks on Stardust and Barrett, but Harper smashed him with a ladder.

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Amanda Sorensen (left) of Apple Valley was sentenced yesterday in a Victorville courtroom.

The Southern California woman who killed 2-year-old Joileen Garcia (right) by feeding her chili powder as punishment has been sentenced to 15 years to life in state prison Sorensen - who was the caretaker of the toddler and her boyfriend's three other children on the day of the incident - tried to discipline her boyfriend's daughter for defecating in her pants by giving her chili powder At the time, Sorensen - who was the carer of the toddler and her boyfriend's three other children on the day of the incident - tried to discipline her boyfriend's daughter for defecating in her pants by giving her chili powder, according to a report by a San Bernardino County Probation Department officer.

Barrett sold great tipping over onto his stomach after executing the move.

Suddenly, Bryan, Ziggler, and Ambrose battled on top of the ladder.

Total Divas' Paige has been getting cozy with WWE fighter, Alberto Del Rio, a San Antonio resident, on Instagram.

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