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Respecting culture and tradition are important for maintaining a healthy and positive relationship with in-laws.However, culture and traditions should not be explanations for what is otherwise apparently abusive behavior.

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She’s coming.”The first night, Myrna rushes into the tent.

So, be aware of this if you’re planning to take the non-package option.

Many people struggle with maintaining a positive, healthy and meaningful relationship with their in-laws.

For many South Asians, it is about managing different generational, cultural and traditional values between the parents-in-law and children in law.

After being with DH for seven years we finally spent Christmas with his family.

DH got a 19 inch color TV, VCR, a whole new wardrobe and I got a frame. I could have thrown it at her, cuz I had just spent 0 on a gift certificate from a very nice store.

signed - Wish I Had A New MIL RESPONSE: Wish I had a new MIL That first response was SO witchy! I would just ignore that first response; you have every right to feel hurt by only receiving a cheap frame when your IL's got your husband lots of expensive things.

There really is a hurtful message there, and most people I know would feel hurt by that (unless, of course, they like to behave hatefully themselves ... ) RESPONSE: Wish I had a new mother-in-law After reading the nasty response above, I felt I had to respond.

Adult children of toxic parents tend to take on people pleaser attributes early in life if they themselves are not destined to grow up to be active, malicious, and purposeful ABUSERS.

Learning how to spot warning signs of abuse can help an adult child make better choices in life about who to socialize with in their friendship circles as well as develop skill sets to help them disengage from abusive or toxic relationships.

Keep an eye on the news and, closer to your departure date, talk to your travel provider for their latest advice.

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