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The fact of the matter is, some children are not allowed to express themselves emotionally, even when they’re not putting their parents in the line of fire of people who just want to wait in line at Starbucks in peace.Some children are habitually shut down emotionally by their parents or caregivers.

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After the article was published, quite a few people expressed their thoughts on Facebook.

One person talked about how the Greek system is not racist and that I was just looking for something to complain about.

In truth, contrary to any impression you may have gathered from what I just said above, I seldom let things get to me, unless I genuinely feel like there is more to it. Yet, on some rare occasions, I feel myself being consumed with what I believe to be true, and it eats away at me. And because they cannot relate, these friends often responded to how I express how I am feeling with saying things like, "It's not that serious", or "That has never happened to me, so cut it out".

It is perfectly fine if you cannot comprehend what and how something has made me feel, or even share a similar experience in comparison.

It was as if people agreed with what I wrote, but were too afraid to openly agree.

Instead of putting their privilege aside and looking at the article as a way to help the Greek system become more inclusive, they put their own experiences on the frontline.A typical example of how the voice likes to operate is this.I can be driving in my car, feeling an oppressive yet somehow inaccessible sadness somewhere within me, and I will think ‘I feel really sad’. The reason you can’t access the feelings of sadness is that they’re not really there.Call me overly sensitive or a crybaby, whatever, but I refuse to be friends with someone who invalidates my feelings. I must admit, I have always been more on the sensitive side.It appears that any and every little thing upsets me, and I find it slightly hard to let go of even the most ridiculous confrontations from years ago.Another commenter let me know that she knew more about diversity than I did.

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