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If Bob is ignorant of Alan's erroneous belief, the case is one of mutual mistake. When both parties are mistaken on a basic and fundamental element of the contract: the contract is void from the start if the mistake is of such significance that, in the words of English case law, it is a "false and fundamental assumption" of the contract (, 51 DLR (2d) 7, ONCA, 1965).For example, if the identity of a contracting party is a fundamental element of the contract, such as an athlete or artist, a mistake in this regard will void the contract.The California Supreme Court agreed to review the case.

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Maybe you need a refund and they won’t give it to you.

Finally, you yell at your computer screen, “I’ll see you in court!

These cascading clauses are designed to protect the employer in situations where a court finds the original restraint to be unreasonable and unenforceable.

The usual remedy for an unreasonable restraint clause is that a court will simply nullify it, or reduce it to a more reasonable time and geographical scope.

For example, a person who signs away the deed to a house, thinking that the document signed was only a guarantee for another person's debt, might be able to plead "It will not do for a man to enter into a contract and, when called upon to respond to its obligations, to say that he did not read it when he signed it, or did not know what it contained.

NEW YORK (Main Street) — When Rent Rite Super Kegs West Limited filed for bankruptcy in Denver in 2012, the supplier of production materials and nutrients was denied protection by Federal Judge Howard Tallman because it was a marijuana-related business.

Everyone is presumed to know the law (but see cases like summarized in Chapter 6 of Duhaime's Contract Law).

One kind of mistake that give the courts difficulty involves a party who mistakes the kind of contract being signed.

“Federal law trumps state law,” said Bob Hoban, a cannabis attorney in Denver.

“In any federal court, involving marijuana, the judge is bound to invalidate contracts or the party’s right to bankruptcy protection, because marijuana is still federally illegal.” Without bankruptcy protection, marijuana businesses are not allowed to dissolve or disappear without paying back debt obligations and instead face debt collection by judgment enforcement, which includes placing liens on real estate, garnishing wages, seizing property and freezing bank accounts.

This is not the worst contract I've seen written by a non-lawyer, and I expect to see more people failing to create an enforceable contract because they think it will save them the money of hiring a lawyer; I believe the theoretical aspect (not my specific situation, which is more of an example) will be generally useful for employers to be aware of what penalties their company may risk facing later on.

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