Intimidating volleyball names

Our goals will never change, better volleyball and scholarships to those that work hard!

The NO NAME family is truly excited to merge with the TAMPA ELITE family.

) We got our ball, (clap, clap) they want it back...(clap, clap) x2. Get up, Let's Go, You're Taking it too Slow You got to see that (team name) spirit Come on fans let's hear it (team name) Crowd yells back: "(the team name)!! Plus you can end this chant with claps (clap, clap) or (clap, clap, clap), or stomping, or jumping..

intimidating volleyball names-53

(clap, clap) Ask the croud to answer: "we want it back" - after you say "they got our ball".

Bump it, set it, spike it, That's the way we like it!! They got our ball, (clap, clap) we want it back, (clap, clap) (Next time - louder:) They got our ball, (clap, clap) we want it back!

-------------Chant #11We want another one, Just like the other one Ace ace ace ace ace! We're Bad, We've got the game, We can't be had, We're the best, Our Teams too cool, We've got the Stuff, To rock your School! Chant #13Using the boom, snap, clap: 1- you hit your chest and say bump 2- you snap and say set 3- you clap and say spike 4- you bring your hand over like a gator clap and say AHH-ACE. -------------Chant #17V*O*double L* E*Y*B*A*Double L Volleyball clap clap Wildcat Volleyball clap clap There was a little wildcat, sitting on a log, cheering for the other team, he had no sense at all.

-------------Chant #14(after an good serve or ace) we want another one just like the other one rewind (clap clap) replay (clap clap) -------------Chant #15were fired up were sizzlein were tunin up the heat cause when it comes to volley_ball we can't be beat!!!! He fell into the water, and bumped his little head, when he came back up, this is what he said.

DV8 Now Death from Above Vision Quest Lost Boys Bad News Set to Kill Straight Down PLAYS ON SETS/SEX Safe Sets Sets On The Beach Sloppy Sets We Need Sets Joy of Sets Will Work For Sets Kinky Sets TRICKY NAMES Bye Forfeit Cancelled Disqualified No Show Postponed Rescheduled Defaults ALL-STAR NAMES All-star Wrestling B.

Chant #1Mustangs is our name, Volleyball is our game, Teal is our color, Black is the other, UH, You think you're bad, UH, We know we're bad, UH, You think you're bad, UH,trial please. (clap, clap, clap clap clap, clap,clap, clap clap clap, clap, clap, clap, clap) VOL-LEY-BALL!

(echo - rest of team) crank that (school name) spirit up!

(echo - rest of team) keep that (school name) spirit up!

The NO NAME mystique will never leave, it's just getting stronger.

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