Intimidating haircuts

THE HARDEST THING about being a kid, is that you’re not in charge.You don’t really get to make any of your own choices, so really you are at your parents mercy.To make things even more difficult, when the stylist does a consultation they tend to throw in a few ‘hairdressing terms’ to really confuse matters!

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The barber shop experience can be pretty intimidating for some trans folks, especially for pre- or non-transition guys.

You might be nervous, but at the end of the day, you’re a paying customer and the barber’s job is to help you.

With this in mind, today we look to explain some of the key terminology that is standard within the industry, in order to increase your knowledge and help you understand how specific types of cutting can achieve different results…Before you consider exactly how you want your hair to be cut or styled, it’s extremely important to take into consideration your hairline, which is the shape of the hair growth around the top of the forehead.

As you mature you may notice a receding hairline, which is thinning of the hair at the temples and around the hairline at the front.

He received many notifications from the Child Support Division of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue that were intended provided support — written in jargon that was difficult to understand — especially at a time when Billy felt overwhelmed by the transition back into society after incarceration.

Billy felt intimidated and avoided working with the DOR at any cost.Once you’re in the barber’s chair, he or she will ask a few questions about how you like your hair, how you want your sideburns handled, etc.If you know your clipper blade number or have any styles in mind, request it.To recap all of the above, these are the hair lengths to get for your Reco haircut: These are some more pictures of the High and Tight Recon haircut so you can get some inspiration.For what is worth, the haircut tools for the Recon are the same as for the High and Tight, so make sure you read my article on the tools needed for the High and Tight haircut.Going to get your haircut can be quite an intimidating experience, especially it it’s your first time in that particular salon or barbershop.

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