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For the most part sovereigns and their beliefs were not a major concern for law enforcement until two years ago.

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Sex and kidnapping offender registration can have life changing consequences and pose serious challenges to a person's effort to obtain housing, employment or an education.

The law in Washington has allowed those convicted of sex and kidnapping offenses to be relieved of that duty under certain circumstances since sex offender registration was first imposed in the Community Protection Act of 1991.

The deputy called in the plate number and received notice that there was no record of the plate. Marked cars followed the truck until it pulled into a driveway.

There it was boxed in by patrol cars and a standoff began, as the truck's occupants refused to cooperate with the officers and the officers wisely chose not to approach the vehicle. The driver and passenger of the truck were eventually cut from their seat belts and taken into custody.

The sovereigns were later killed in a fierce gun battle in a nearby Walmart parking lot.

The West Memphis cop killings and the subsequent shootout put the sovereign citizen movement on the radar of many law enforcement officers, but there are still numerous officers who are not aware of the dangers presented by this philosophy and how to recognize its adherents. On April 8, 1996, the State charged Knowles by amended information with four counts of intimidating a judge, in violation of RCW 9A.72.160 and RCW 9A.04.110(25)(d) and (j), and one count of barratry, in violation of RCW 9.12.010. On appeal, Knowles does not argue that his acts did not violate the statute. Rather he threatened the judges with financial or personal harm, including the filing of criminal charges, but did not threaten their physical safety. There we ruled: “Consequently, the definition of threat in RCW 9A.04.110(25)(j) encompasses both protected and unprotected speech, and Stephenson's [threat] was entitled to some First Amendment protection.” Stephenson, 89 Wash. at 801, 950 P.2d 38 (citing Khorrami, 895 F.2d at 1192). In Stephenson we determined that RCW 9A.04.110(25)(j) (“harm”), did burden a “real and substantial” amount of protected speech. But RCW 9A.72.160 criminalizes such threatening speech only if used to attempt to influence a judge's ruling or in retaliation for a past ruling. Constitutionally Permissible Prohibition In some circumstances, the government may regulate protected speech. “[E]ven protected speech may be regulated by view-point neutral, reasonable time, place and manner restrictions.” Ivan, 71 Wash. During those proceedings, he sent letters, filed documents, and made statements to each judge, stating his intent to file liens on the judges' properties if they did not release him from custody and/or release his property; he warned that the judges would be subject to civil and/or criminal sanctions if they did not comply; and he claimed sovereign and diplomatic immunity from prosecution. Knowles' threats were not “true threats” of bodily harm. Substantial Amount of Speech “The extent to which a statute ‘chills or burdens constitutionally protected conduct’ turns on whether the statute's prohibition against protected speech or conduct is ‘real and substantial’ compared to its plainly legitimate sweep.” Stephenson, 89 Wash. at 801, 950 P.2d 38 (quoting Halstien, 122 Wash.2d at 123, 857 P.2d 270; Luvene, 118 Wash.2d at 841, 827 P.2d 1374). Public or Private Forum First, the extent of permissible regulation depends on whether the speech takes place in a public or a private forum. “[T]he First Amendment affords more protection to speech in a public forum, a place traditionally devoted to assembly and debate, and to channels of communication used by the public at large for assembly and speech.” Stephenson, 950 P.2d at 41 (citing Ivan, 71 Wash. “It’s really great for our future soldiers to see that people have their back,” said Staff Sgt. Rodriguez, the non-commissioned officer in charge of Monday’s ceremony.Last month near Spokane, Wash., a sheriff's deputy in an unmarked car was driving east on I-90 when he took notice of a red pickup truck in front of him that appeared to have invalid or altered license plates.Use of and access to this Web site or any of the email links contained within the site do not create an attorney-client relationship between Martonick Law and the user or browser.

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