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Interracial couples exist in spite of racism and twisted ideology.But why do Black men often allude that dating a white girl as the true sign that you’ve made it?

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Eyes that turn from longing to anger when they see who she is with: me.

Historically in America, Black men have been painted as brutes, as strong working bulls who do so well in the fields because they are essentially animals. The fear of the white man, a savage, a sambo could be lusted after by someone who should only have eyes for them? Despite all of the damage that white men have done for centuries both to Black men and arguably much worse to Black women, we have bitten back.

Not much, until you consider the British monarchy’s long and checkered history of royal bigotry.

A mere half-millennium ago, in 1596, Queen Elizabeth I, free-spirited daughter of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII and patron of Shakespeare, wrote a letter to the mayors of several English cities, complaining that too many black people had begun showing up in the country.

Who knew that Prince Harry, the seemingly daft but cute British monarch prone to donning Nazi apparel and walking around in the buff, would be the guy to finally usher his noble brood into the 21st century? News emerged recently that Prince Harry is dating American actress Meghan Markle, who unlike the relentlessly Caucasian British monarchy, hails from a mixed-race background.

Markle’s mother is African-American; her father is white. Welcome to 2016, where interracial unions are more common than ever before.

As Kanye said: “…and when he get get on he leave your ass for a white girl.” Thus making a commentary that a Black woman is perfect for you when you’re struggling but as soon as you’ve met success, it’s on to the next, the step up, the white woman.

Black women’s bodies have long been seen as disposable.

As I scream Black Lives Matter on the streets, the phone I hold in my hand is illuminated with a notification: a text from a white girl. The chauvinist in them that insists on opening doors for women quickly devolves into the pompous racist who lets doors slam in my face.

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