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He has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 8.6 years. Anderson Cooper is currently dating Benjamin Maisani.

Although children are not born with inherent racial bias, they will start to pick up the bias expressed not only by their parents, but by adults and children in their surroundings at a very early age. Melanie Killen, details another dynamic at play with families of both races that has a profound affect on kids’ racial attitudes: the specter of interracial dating.

Killen says parents, “start getting more nervous about (interracial dating) and they start thinking well you should be friends with people like you or like us”.

The children’s views on interracial friendships was greatly influenced by the racial makeup of their schools.

Both white and minority children were much more optimistic about the possibility of such friendships than students who attended majority single-race schools.

'Some of my best friends now are girls who allegedly dated me at 13 and 14, and who I didn’t really know we were dating, but they thought we were dating, and I was sort of, you know, hoping to meet their brothers.''It’s become clear to me that by remaining silent on certain aspects of my personal life for so long, I have given some the mistaken impression that I am trying to hide something - something that makes me uncomfortable, ashamed or even afraid,' he wrote.

'This is distressing because it is simply not true.'I didn't want to send a message that there was anything I was ashamed about or unhappy about or not comfortable with.

That was the main thing for me,' he continued.'I am the same person I always was.

Anderson Cooper and boyfriend Benjamin Maisani stepped out Tuesday in New York City wearing matching sneakers.

Tonight’s episode of Anderson Cooper 360° continued its series “Kids on Race: The Hidden Picture” which will present the results of the study commissioned by the program trying to understand how children view race and race relations.

The program will also try to answer the question of whether we judge people based on their race.

" Reid says for herself, no, but explains, "I think black women are more sensitive about seeing black men with white women.

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