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Last night I got together with Jeanne for a bit of knitting.

Since Jeanne and I have both recently started blogging, we discovered that there are new rituals we must learn – mainly, taking more pictures: Before I tell you anything else about knitting with Jeanne, I have to provide some backstory.

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I should ask my aunt who's a nurse at the dental clinic :/I wet the brush until pliable, usually about three seconds, squeeze a centimetre of toothpaste onto the brush, and quickly dash water over it.

Then I brush for two minutes on the top row, spit, rinse, and repeat for the bottom row. Whatever I feel like, because I'm random *_*I do it, but I do it because I live with other people, and since I see toothpaste specks on the mirror, I can guess there are used toothpaste specks on... So I wipe down everything and I rinse the hell out of my brush.

You do a very good job with your games, so I voted 40-50.

Just make sure the Pause button actually works As well, don't over look piece work.

He makes me feel like a little princess from day to day, and the great excitement before seeing him never stops.

We are planning to move together, after such a short time, we know, but the feeling is just right! Still dealing with the consequences of his one serious relationship, all he’s interested in is revamping his family’s behind-the-times café.Can Tate wait while Harper works through her insecurities and fears? Loving mushy romance, books, movies and music since she was young, and constantly daydreaming up stories and plots, Stephanie decided to put them on paper.(Many of the works shown below are included in the galleries of two groups I founded.Visit Ugly-Mug-Portraits and Surreal-Landscapes to view even more incredible art created by very talented DA artists in need of your support!I dunno, depends on the complexity of the flash game (how long it takes to play, how hard it was to make, etc...) I don't think there should be a set price, the price should probably be decided after it's done.

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