Indie speed dating

In 2010 he co-wrote, with Chris Cheney, the title track from The Living End's 2011 album, The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating, while Cheney was in New York City.

After working together, Cheney called Finn "a hell of a lyricist".

Always close to the Twin Cities music scene, he also contributed to Minnesota musician Mark Mallman's song "You're Never Alone in New York" on the 2009 album Invincible Criminal.

In between Lifter Puller and The Hold Steady, he did a project with Mr.

Original Dating host speed dating events on a weekly and twice weekly at Sugar Cane in Clapham Junction and the Exhibit in Balham.

Check out or website for dates and online bookings.

"But I think maybe the meetings should be longer than for just 10 minutes," Schrameck said.

"Perhaps at least 20 minutes would be better and the event could run for more of the day."Bac Films International's Camille Neel traveled into London from Paris for the day to press some flesh.

"It is good for us to meet with people who we just don't get a chance to sit down and talk to at the big markets during the year.

It is very informal and there are lots of people here who you can discover as potential partners and future collaborators," Neel said.

London Film Festival industry development manager Nigel Cross said the event was set up to build on previous success "for movies seeking distribution deals" and "to further enhance the relationship between the festival and industryites alike."After last year's quartet of days allocated to industry screeners, several titles were snapped up for U. distribution, including "Man Push Cart," "Quo Vadis Baby?

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