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Click Listen above to hear Brian Mann speaking about this story with Chris Knight. Photo provided: Tanveer Hussain All persons accused of crimes are assumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Hussain's attorney, Brian Barrett, told Knight that these are "merely allegations alone.

"He further was accused of touching her in an intimate area over her clothing," police reported, adding, "There was no accusation of force.

An award-winning photojournalist named Souvid Datta was accused by Peta Pixel of using Photoshop to insert images from the work of Mary Ellen Mark into his photographs of sex workers in Sonagachi, Calcutta.

After these allegations were posted on the site, he took down his social media and official website.

Five years later, I was selected as a participant of the World Press Master class and asked to develop an essay around the concept “Ordinary”.

I decided to photograph survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, starting with my own city.

In the car, on our way to the train-station, my aunt asked me if I had mentioned anything to my mother about the ‘incident...’ I was shocked.

It was something that had remained unspoken for years and I had blocked it out of my mind.Now, he’s resurfaced to give an interview to magazine about the allegations: and admits they were all true. He used Photoshop (which he refers to in a gee-wiz way claiming he was new to and excited by the software when he did it in late 2013, as if that was very long ago or even excuses anything) to lift entire people into his work.He said it was a damning mistake and a product of youth, that the image in Mark’s work spoke to him and he uploaded the doctored image onto his blog without accreditation or indication that it was doctored.And without telling her where they were going, brought her to the exhibition.When Raquel’s mother saw and heard other similar stories, it changed both their lives for ever.In a potentially explosive development, an Indian snowshoe racer visiting Saranac Lake for an international competition was arrested on Wednesday and charged with first degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. He and another Muslim athlete from Kashmir, India, were initially denied visas by federal officials.

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