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There will be a pre-departure meeting at am - please look out for a note from your leader at the reception of the joining hotel upon arrival with more details about this important meeting.Your leader will need to carefully check your visas at this initial meeting.Reading the headlines and watching eye-catching yet hastily edited news reports, one cannot help but feel overwhelmed by an increasingly growing gulf between 'the West' and 'Islam'.

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I don't have any firsthand experience with online dating but was curious if it's possible in this day and age to target exclusively heterosexual relationships for a ... [Relationship between dating violence and use of alcohol and illegal drugs in Spanish adolescents and young adults]. Follow Bio Med Central BMC International Health and Human Rights main menu Research article Open Access Illegal yet developmentally normative: a descriptive analysis of young, urban adolescents’ dating and sexual behaviour in Cape Town, South Africa Aník Gevers, , Affiliated with Cathy Mathews, , Affiliated with Pam Cupp, Affiliated with Marcia Russell and Affiliated with Rachel Jewkes, Affiliated with BMC International Health and Human Rights2013DOI: 10.1186/1472-698X-13-31 In South Africa, it is illegal for adolescents under age 16 years to engage in any sexual behaviour whether kissing, petting, or penetrative sex, regardless of consent.

Grade 8 adolescents (N = 474, ages 12–15 years, mean = 14.14 years) recruited from Cape Town schools completed surveys providing information about their sociodemographic backgrounds, dating experience, sexual behaviour, and substance use.

The issue is immediately portrayed as an exercise in freedom of speech vs.

Islam's inability to accommodate to secular standards of expression.

In 1979, the Ayatollah Khomeini seized control of Iran and instituted the most oppressive society the world has ever seen.

In Iran, music is illegal, and a man and woman who are not married can face a harsh prison sentence for the most casual of contact.

But as Muhammad Tahir explains in his new book Illegal Dating: A Journey into the Private Life of Iran, the strict law of the land has not completely squelched the spirit of Iranian youth, many of whom risk their lives to rebel against this rigid social system and claim their right to personal freedom.

Tahir, a journalist, began chatting with several Iranian youth online and discovered that many of them have embraced cyberspace and use its anonymity as a shield as they condemn the government’s control of all facets of citizens’ lives.

Illegal Dating: A Journey into the Private Life of Iran is Tahir’s record of his trip to Iran to meet these fascinating young men and women who take chances not just online, but in the daily conduct of their lives.

Tahir meets young men and women who date, fall in love, and even have sexual relationships on their own terms, despite family scorn and the threat of punishment from the government.

These risk behaviours included penetrative sex (21.1% of dating vs. 20.2% of non-dating boys), sex with co-occurring substance use (22.2% of dating vs. 40% of non-dating boys), and no contraceptive use (26.1% of sexually experienced girls; 44.4% of sexually experienced boys).

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