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When Brandev;« was forced out of Sa- moa he was appointed German commis- sioner at Jaluit. Baker was rather in- clined not to accept the Central Amer- ican mission offered him. Baker that the mission for which he had been named would be very important during the next four vears both from a political and business standpoint. New York, April 8.— A special to the Tribune from San Francisco says: Through private letters which are from Jaluit, the chief city of the Marshall islands, it is learned that the American missionaries on the islands, .about forty in number, are threatened with dep-ortation by the German authorities.

It seems to he the gen- eral opinion that the bill will not pass.

CIHM Microfiche Series (l\/lonographs) ICI\/IH Collection de microfiches (monographles) Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original copy available for filming. — With the Rapid Growth of the District, tlie Feud Dies Out. — Governor Bourke Appoints a Police Magistrate Over the District.— Founding of Melbourne. Charles Latrobe Appointed in 1839 Superintendent of Port Phillip. —Diftlcul- ties of " Travelling " to the Mi-iirig Districts.— Finding of the "Canada Gully" N'jt.— Scenes at the Mining Camps. Tlie Govi^rnor Carries Out Promised Reforms of the Finances.— At Work Drafting the New Constitution.— The Victorian Bill Receives the Royal Assent 23rd No- veni1)er, 1855. »fx Conrlct Policy not s Success.— Depre Mlon In the Colony. — Responsible Government in Tas- mania.— Educational and Municipal Institutions.— Pub- lic Works Policy Agitation. During the same year in which Torres sailed through the strait destined to make him famous, a little Dutch vessel called the Duyfhen, or Dove, set sail from Bantam, in Java, on a voyage of discovery.

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'The natives object to any change and trouble is likely to result. French Postal Authorities Charged With De- taining Letters. — The government has made a strong protest in Paris against the action of the French postal authori- ties in detaining for a week the letters sent by a German Durthe to the German consul in Rouen and the Ger- man ambassador in Paris. Major Baldwin Again Urges Hawkins for Governor of Alaska and Now Believes He Will Win. Eustis Appointed as Ambassador to France and the Nomination Con- firmed bv the Senate. One reason for this is that no other application is being so determin- edlv pu-;hed for the position as is that of Hawkins. Baldwin also presented the claims for consulships of Capt. Baldwin is of the opinion that the president will give them earnest consideration at any rate. The United States Mission to France Raised to an Embassy. — The president sent to the senate today the nomination of James B.

Schmidt has made arrangements to re- move all the American missionaries he- cause of their independence. Paul Editor, After Seeing President Cleveland, Decides to Take the Cen- tral American Mission. Hawkins as governor of Alaska and is now of the opinion that he will win. While no informa- tion in regard to these consulships was secured, Maj.

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Durthe was arrested in Rouen as a spy and was imprisoned. Eustis of Louisiana to be am- bassador extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to France. Eustis, who had already been confirmed as minister to France, is simply to raise the grade of the mission to an embassy to meet the corresponding change made by the French government in the case of its ie[)resentatives at Washington. The government of this corporation and the management of its affairs shall be vested in the following oflicers. The annual n-.oetingof the stockholders of this corporation shall be held on the lirst Monday of January in each year at snch hour iiud pla^e as shall be fixed by tiie by-laws of the corporation. we iiavo iiereunto set our hands and seals this o Oth day of March .

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