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And if you don't bust out before your baby is born, you're sure to a few days after, when your milk comes in.

She gave it to me on my birthday, when I definitely didn't need a bra. I think I believed that a bra would magically make my boobs suddenly appear – and that I would finally be a woman. I wanted boobs so badly that I started referring to them as my "hope chest," because I thought if I hoped hard enough they would suddenly just blossom.

While in high school, I realized quickly how flat I was in comparison to my girlfriends. (It also sounded like a great excuse to get out of gym).

I learned how to accentuate my other physical attributes. I noticed little gaps between the buttons of my button-up shirts. It wasn't really attributed to weight gain, either. And eventually, after a few years, I became a C-cup.

I had nice eyes and hair, and I had a great butt – but I still wished I had boobs. There was this idea that surgery would 'complete' my body somehow. I noticed a nice shadow effect happening at the top of my chest, a rounding out – something I had never seen before. Suddenly, I knew the feeling when guys stared at my chest – and, yes, it quickly became annoying. You are damn sexy – no matter what size breasts you have. If you prefer to rock your chest au natural, at any size, go for it.

I figured I should make fun of myself, rather than feeling sorry about something that I had literally no control over.

But by the time I started college, I was actively trying to come to terms with my little knockers.Fortunately, engorgement is temporary, and assuming you get started breastfeeding right away (the earlier the better for relief), the pain and hardness should diminish within two to three days.By the time your baby and your breasts devise a good supply-and-demand relationship (usually within a few weeks), the engorgement will have diminished completely.This is pain with a gain, though, since engorgement is a sign that your breasts are filling up with the milk your baby needs.The increased blood flow to your breasts (necessary to get the milk-producing factory up and running) is also adding to the pain and swelling.Right after you give birth, your hormones undergo a major shift — say bye-bye to estrogen and progesterone, and hello to prolactin, the milk-producing hormone. Welcome to the world of engorgement, which begins around two to five days after delivery whether you're planning to nurse or not.

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