How to avoid dating a jerk keiko kitagawa dating

Seems like a totally inconsequential, NBD thing, right?

After I calmed down a little bit, I tried not to let one idiot ruin my night.

Yeah, he had been incredibly rude and completely ignorant, but he obviously has deeper issues.

But really, you're boning a guy who looks inward to his personality, sees a pile of rotting garbage, and shrugs it off, because somehow, in his depraved mind, being bad and knowing it is way better than just being bad.3.

He talks about how great and life-changing of a book is, even though you know he's never so much as cracked open the copy he has on his bookshelf.

After he called her fat and said that he wished she was prettier, I could feel myself getting really mad.

He continued to insult the poor girl who probably has no idea how awful this guy is and did so openly, in front of another girl (yours truly) that he had just met five minutes ago." but what he's actually saying is "no male human would ever say something nice to you unless it was because he wanted to put his penis near your body." 2.You've heard him say the phrase, "I know it's bad, but at least I'm aware of it." .I was so angry that I knew I had to distract myself before I said something stupid. I guess that my disapproval was evident, because he called me out. "I can tell that you don't like what I'm saying about my fat girlfriend, so I need you to leave my house, because I can say whatever I want in my own house."I was stunned and pissed off, but happy to be leaving.On my way out the door, I told that guy exactly what I thought about him, but it didn't make me feel that much better. Some guy you went to high school with contacts you on Facebook.

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