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So it’s great when you present a show that you’d want to watch anyway.”With Meet The Parents, Holly is hoping for happily ever afters for all the couples matched – but the show has an awkward twist that may make the path to true love a bumpy one.Instead of contestants interviewing potential dates themselves, they’ll interrogate their potential dates’ parents instead.

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Holly's friendship with Fearne dates back a whopping 17 years, after they met while launching their TV careers, after which they won an array of co-presenting jobs, most memorably their ongoing roles on Celebrity Juice.

While their panelists parts alongside Keith Lemon have become somewhat iconic, they admit wholly less memorable was their very own dating show as they looked back while Fearne stood in for Lorraine Kelly on the eponymous show.

Holly Willoughby while subbing for Lorraine Kelly on her ITV breakfast show, and the bezzie pals recalled how their long-forgotten dating show failed as it pretty much involved the pair sitting at a bar boozing.

was a short-lived dating show (six episodes, to be exact), which saw the duo pairing up potential daters in Hell's Kitchen.

In a clip from the upcoming series, team captains Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby have to pretend to be a dustpan and brush during a round set in a supermarket, while host Keith and guest star Jimmy Carr have to guess what the pair are.

And as you can imagine, it doesn’t Fearne lies on the floor while Holly hovers above her making a ‘whooshing’ noise.

Holly revealed that her partner Dan Baldwin is a huge football fan – and said her sons were following suit.

"Harry is football-obsessed and he's got training Saturday and Friday Night Fives, so I don't have a choice," she told Fearne.

The series saw Holly and Fearne embark upon a mission each episode to find two ideal matches for a lonely member of the public, culminating at the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant where, by the end of the night, one date would be left standing.

The title sequence included a day’s green screen shoot at Teddington Studios with Holly and Fearne to enable them to be composited into a designed CGI cityscape.

star was set up on last night's (February 15) episode with banker Ciran, though beforehand she burst into tears after she was grilled about her financial expectations for a partner.

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