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There were: drinks, soda, beer, milk, tortillas, Dulian fruit, mustard greens, tofu, bean sprouts, coconut, fish, fish sauce, other kinds of sauces, like soy sauce, bamboo, dried mushrooms, rice (lots 25 kinds), drainers, monster pot (5 times as wide as me), flowers on a stick, brooms and Ramen (57 kinds), movies, books, candy, pots and pans, dolls, bell, decorations and chocolate.–Emma Vue has a book printed in Hmong letters about religions.Kha was born in a refugee camp Thailand and lived there shortly before she moved to the U. Kha grew up in Milwaukee until she was 12 but moved to central Wisconsin for a couple of years because of the gang violence prevalent in her neighborhood.

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So growing up, I had a very negative experience being labeled as an English Language learner,” Kha tells Madison365.

Kha struggles most as a Hmong American woman with not being “Hmong enough.” Having naturally curly hair and an outspoken voice, many of her Hmong peers described her outspokenness and the way she dresses and carries herself as acting black or ghetto.

In fact, when it comes to rice cultivation in the Dairy State, Michael Schläppi, a biology professor at the Marquette University, is the only person doing it.

“I’m the oddball,” says Schläppi, wearing waders and a full brim hat as he troubleshoots an irrigation issue on a small plot of farmland he’s leased in Port Washington, 25 miles north of Milwaukee.

embrace life as it's given to us by our great Creator... article Today’s color printing uses new technologies and techniques such as digital lithography.

The colors that we see are light waves reflected or absorbed by everything around us.

This year, with the help of the region's Hmong farmers, he's aiming to grow enough rice to sell at the Fondy Farmers Market in Milwaukee.

If you haven’t heard of the Wisconsin Rice Growers Association it’s because there isn’t one.

If you fail school, you can’t go to school any more.

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