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I am moving to West Virginia the end of this month where we will continue seeing each other on a regular basis and see how things work out! I met some really great guys on this site even though we weren’t necessarily a match. There are so many of us from all age groups, nationalities and professions.

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We went from that to constant texting and talking on the phone for another two or three weeks and decided to meet in Las Vegas for a few days. Derek drove through town this October and I was blunt saying I didn’t need anymore time wasted and that he could be a serial killer. We drove downtown Des Moines and I took him to a Vegan deli which was amazing.

He had contacted me in July and with the distance I wasn’t interested.

Things were looking up for me -- but I wasn't feeling well and knew deep inside that something was wrong." George Johnson Positive and Trying Hard to Be Positive About It (A recent post by wishingforacure on the "I Just Tested Positive" board) "I have been getting HIV tests since I was 16 and was always negative. How do you all stay positive and have the will to live and fight through this?

I had unprotected sex a few times but every year the test came back negative. " I Realize How Much Has Changed, but I'm Still Really Scared.

reported to CDC in 2013, the percentage of transgender people who received a new HIV diagnosis was more than 3 times the national average.

HIV Diagnoses Among Transgender People in the United States by Race/Ethnicity, 2009-2014 Source: Clark H, Babu AS, Wiewel EW, Opoku J, Crepaz N. I was 25 and I had been dating a guy for about five years. We found out he had full-blown AIDS so I got tested. Then I also tested positive.” Brenda Higgins was diagnosed in 2007.“A sisterhood of women facing HIV together,” explains Nicole. “It’s never easy and it’s always very nerve wracking,” Brenda says.Wether you are homosexual or heterosexual - at HIV. Dating with HIV is no longer a "Mission Impossible". Sign Up For Free - Create A Profile - Chat With Other HIV Positive People ... Everyone with HIV can join us regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and religion. Dating you can chat with other men and women, date HIV positive people from all over the world or find friendship on the #1 HIV Dating Community. We are one of the most reliable dating site for people with HIV. You are not required to submit any profile pictures or information you are not comfortable with. You know, that’s something that happens to other people. The person that gave me HIV did not disclose to me, and later disclosed to me after the fact.” Both women work for Seattle’s Babe’s Network. Dating is hard enough as it is, but having to tell someone that you’re HIV positive makes it even harder.

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