Hibernate merge not updating

In order to help you choose the best tool for such need, I will present in this paper different solutions that we have compared. For a long time, creation and update date columns have been managed by triggers on the database side.

Even if it is not the most state of the art technology, this implementation meets well the need.

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If these two columns only have a technical purpose and if triggers are the standard way for filling them in, then using trigger is the most appropriate choice.

Often times, developers are mix used the JPA and Hibernate annotation together, it will caused a very common mistake – JPA cascade type annotation is not working in Hibernate?

Recommended : Object States in Hibernate When we call update() method, if already a session cache containing the same object then the update() method throws an exception called Non Unique Object Exception. If the object is existed in the cache then changes are copied in to the cache.

When writing a business application with persistent data, some auditing capabilities are often required.

We can call update() and merge() methods to transfer an object from detached state to persistent state.

A detached state object can be made persist by reattaching to a session. Configuration; public class Hibernate Update Example Output : Exception in thread "main" org.hibernate.

In COBOL merging means combining records of two or more sequential files. After merging all the records can be stored in seperate output file. Update means we can modify the records of any file.

What is the different between update and merge method in hibernate is one of the most frequently asked interview question.

@see source code Now, it work as what you expected.

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