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In my defence, my first Kvas experience took place as part of a bizarre afternoon spent on the banks of the River Don which culminated in a group of very, very drunk people (including me) dancing in the woods to the sound of Cossack folk music blasting out from a car stereo; each of us holding half a tomato in our hands. Before you dismiss my opinion and perceive my liking of Kvass as more evidence for your theory that only Russians like Kvass, you should understand that I had only lived in Russia in my childhood, up until I was 11 years old, at which point my family moved to Canada, and have been living here since then.

Depois de algum tempo a trabalhar para a Calheiros Cruz, surge agora a dar assistência a novos produtores e a cumprir um legado de família.

Do projecto familiar "Tavadouro" já comecei por escrever aqui, faltando só a referência a 2 vinhos (o tinto e o branco da gama Vinëu, abaixo dos 6 €) que ora se dá conta.

Boca fresca, de perfil floral mas demasiado esmagador.

De corpo bastante encorpado, é a linha "dura" da touriga nacional e isso reflete-se no final áspero e demasiado curto.

Det är ingen skillnad på små eller stora bokstäver.

Smeknamnet måste följa våra riktlinjer för innehåll. När du väljer lösenord görs skillnad mellan små och stora bokstäver.Well, I’m still busy but I’ve been sitting on a few emails for almost two months now.Plus, all the pre release publicity (and publicity stunts) for the new Borat movie have reminded me of one email in particular that I haven’t yet responded to.The email is about Kvas Kvas is the national soft drink of Russia and, I suspect, quite a few other FSU republics.It’s primary ingredient is stale bread soaked in water which is then fermented in old plastic Fanta bottles and flavoured with whatever comes to hand – raisins, tree bark, horseradish … I’ve described Kvas in far from flattering terms a couple of times on the web.Tänk på att välja ett lösenord som inte går att gissa sig till.

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