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“You can take that information and find someone’s house or business.” When Mattel announced Hello Barbie in February, privacy advocates were concerned.The doll is always "listening," meaning that it sends audio files to a cloud server for processing and storage.Hello Barbie is a version of the classic toy that converses with kids, remembers things they say, and recalls details later.

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re not special. In 2016 alone we saw one bank lose $81million in 2 hours. Worryingly, a list of the most commonly used 25 passwords in the world was realised last week, here are the top ten to really make you heart sink…

Russian spies allegedly hack their way into the US election. Because we’re a nice bunch, we’re going to run you through some ways in which to keep your social media locked down. Here we could charge into a disappointed dad speech but instead, we’re just going to trust you read and understood the first half of this blog. Our friend, Paul Ducklin, who is a Senior Security Advisor at Sophos who writes daily for a great cybersecurity blog called naked security had these wise words to say about creating passwords: Why and how are hackers able to compromise my password?

And in its place, long live the more popular, more flexible, more user-friendly – and now entirely free – Whats App.

With the annual fee having long since been knocked on the head and video calling having finally landed alongside better video viewing, there's now nothing standing between you and endless chats.

School lawyers Rhonda Porter and Christina Henagen-Peer see if parents can identify apps they consider dangerous for kids because of predators and cyber-bullying.

Yik Yak, a chat app, is one of the ones they raise alarms about.In November 2014, British toymaker Vivid Toys debuted an Internet-connected doll, My Friend Cayla, that used speech recognition and artificial intelligence techniques to have conversations with kids.By February, researchers had hacked the doll to spew curse words.Protection is all well and good, and if you are frantically trying to sort out the mess your passwords are currently in… However, what if it’s too late and somebody has already got all of your password(s)…Never fear, we are here with yet another handy little resource, called which will categorically tell you whether or not your accounts have been compromised.However, they're not the only notifier out to show up your message-dodging deceit.

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