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So today is both Valentines day and #Mage Stack Day and I see A LOT of guys on there working 24hrs to get the Magento Q&A answer rate up which is really awesome! Now I’m not a developer so I’m not of much use helping at the Q&A site today, but I cán do something else. For example: research on how mentioning Magento on Tinder would work for getting into contact with girls.

There are some girls there that do great work too, but I’m going to focus on the guys in this post… TL; DR: Don’t mention you work with Magento I started just below 70 chats with the text “Hey! Over 55 of those chats went like this: No reaction whatsoever.

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Then four more singles arrive and disrobe to go on another pair of dates with the two original naked people.

Then the original two choose which person they'd like to go on another date with in the real world, presumably with clothes on because, don't be confused, these aren't nudists, they're just people with inhibitions that have been diminished by the insatiable desire to be on TV but who didn't make the cut for the Bachelor franchise.So that it’s clear if you’re in the market for ‘Friday’ or ‘forever,’ set yourself on the ‘Chappy scale’ as ‘Mr Right’ or ‘Mr Right Now’.You’ll only get matched prospects who are on the same page as you, making the whole thing that much more streamlined.Explaining it however made sure it was the end of the conversation… And one didn’t know Magento but was more into comicbook villains: So there you have it: Magento and dating, not the best combination if you actually want to go on a date. But then again: who would want to go out dating anyway when you have all your awesome Magento friends on Slack…? S.: viewers will be able to help the stars overcome their hang-ups, manage their expectations, and broaden their dating horizons. You'll have the opportunity to help daters pick out their outfits or submit suggestions for a possible match.What secrets could lie beneath those hateful rags?!

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