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She is the sister of Patrick, Francis, Gerald and Derrick Mc Reary, the only daughter and the youngest child of Maureen and an unnamed father. At first, Packie tells Niko to stay away from her, but later encourages Niko to go out with Kate.

She holds conservative values towards premarital sex, and according to Patrick, "she won't put out".

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Is there anyone out there who thought she was a good love interest for Niko?

I actually thought it was incredibly sad to see her die in the revenge ending of IV and the difference between her and the other girlfriends is that Niko actually seems to care about her and in my mind she was a well written character, and one of my favourites in GTAIV.

I have never heard about it happening in deal though.

Also, everyone I know finishes the game and never picks it up again, so it may have happened to them but they never played it to find out.

She doesn't explicitly state that her father was a child molester but she does cry that she knew what he was doing to her brothers.

I did the Revenge ending, which ended in the death of a certain person.

As stated before, no matter how many times the player tries the "try your luck" option at the end of a date, the player will never be invited inside because she only considers Niko to be a friend.

Kate does not like fast food as she will respond with negative comments such as ''Fast food? '' Kate's conversations with Niko, after getting her drunk, will eventually reveal that she knew that her father was molesting her brothers.

According to Patrick, Kate witnessed several bloody fights between her brothers; seeing Gerry beating Francis was a traumatic childhood experience for her (she was in therapy for quite a while).

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