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The one on top lifts her hips up to straighten her legs as the woman underneath her lifts her off.

They then fall sideways so their legs are wrapped around each other.

The study found that women were happier to forgo a meaningful relationship in favour of sex, with 68 per cent revealing they had slept with someone despite having no 'emotional connection'.

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Two scantily clad women have demonstrated their impressive martial arts moves… Making it look deceptively simple, the two fighters have been captured showing off the heel hook.

It’s a complex move in Brazilian jiu-jitsu that’s so dangerous, it’s been banned in most competitions.

The heel hook involves twisting the ankle of your opponent so that it twists the knee with it.

These women begin their demonstration with one of the brunettes straddled on top of the other.

I think being an actress and growing up in Hollywood, there's so many complicated pressures about objectification and ownership and confidence.

And things were very different than when I was growing up: On the one hand, there's a ton more sexual freedom.The mesmerising video has gone viral since it was shared online.It’s been seen more than 65,000 times on content site Imgur.One of the women latches onto the other’s foot as they hold their tricky position.Not only do they make the whole scene look much simpler than it is, the two women manage to do it all with their hair down, wearing just tiny bike pants and sports bras.In the 18 months that she has been working professionally, Savy has also modeled for Lucky Brand Jeans, Lands' End, Mini Boden, Peek Kids and Maddie Ziegler's brand Maddie Style.

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