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Gretchen speaks with magazine about their journey so far.

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley are also working to have a baby.

“However, Slade has two boys, so I think it would be fun to have a girl to kind of change it up a little.” Gretchen proposed to Slade last season on .

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Gretchen rossi dating now

However, she never received the money because shortly thereafter, Photoglou filed for bankruptcy.

What has since followed is Gretchen again taking him to court in an attempt to collect the money she was awarded.

The two of them will appear on the October 17 episode of to talk about their difficult story.

In spite of 14 embryos being fertilized, none of them survived long enough for implantation. Gretchen wants to continue with IVF for as long as they “can handle it.” Gretchen and Slade are open to adoption or surrogacy.

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As reported by Radar, she denied having spoken to the press to share her opinions on Tamra's family drama, whilst seeming to side with her former co-star's estranged daughter in the ongoing custody battle.

Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star, Gretchen Rossi has been entangled in legal disputes with her former friend and alleged stalker, Jay Photoglou for years. According to arrest records obtained by Radaronline, Photoglou phsysically assaulted Gretchen’s current fiancée, Slade Smiley.

The reported attack happened on April 21st when Gretchen, 38, and Slade, 43, had finished having dinner at popular Newport Beach Eatery, A’s Restaurant.

The duo were waiting for the valet to bring their car around, when Photoglou allegedly came up behind Slade and hit him in the back of the head.

Police were called and Photoglou was arrested and charged with assault and battery.

Photoglou will have to appear in court on June 5th to face the assault and battery charges.

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