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Because in my opinion they are the best high quality LP´s you can by today, without getting ruined.

Off course there are the Tokai´s and Grecos´s, but when you compare features and prices, you will find, that you will get much more for your money when buying a Burny.

I have been playing guitar since my early teens, professionally while at university and semi prof. Today I’m a semi-amateur guitar player, playing country rock, or backing a Swedish female singer, when not working as a senior advisor for the government.

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If you know of additional information or any errors, please help us as well as others reading from our site by writing in to us. Fernandes started off first in the 70's making Fender replicas.

We too are learning as we progress and would ask for you to use these information at your own discretion.

However, because there are no official history on these companies, they are written to the best of our knowledge and experience.

The brand Burny was birth later by Fernandes as the division that made Gibson replicas.

Greco is one of the earliest “lawsuit” guitar makers in Japan.

They have been making guitars since the early 1960's at the Fijugen Gakki plant.To date, both Fernandes and Burny are still making guitars just like their Tokai counterparts.When it began in the 70's, there were no problems with copyright issues.That’s why shirley came to me and said i should just look at the other rock stars.Acquainted through and here you can chat as a great site where gay guitar dating greco art gallery speed dating rights.This is true from a player’s point of view, but it is not always true from a collector’s point of view.

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