Google chrome flash player not updating

For your normal Flash video issues — like lagging and crashing — here’s where you need to go.

First, type about:plugins in your Chrome address bar and press Enter to view what plugins you have installed and are running.

Update March 28, 2017: I had not used this Flash tester in a long time. They even have a third tester page they call Flash Player Help (also available via insecure HTTP).

This page shows the installed version of Flash and indicates if its the latest version or not.

When the installed version is old, it tells you what the latest version is for your browser/OS. The bad news is that it punts on the Chrome browser and IE on Windows 8.

In both cases it says that Flash should be updated automatically, so fuggedaboutit, you're fine.

If you’re using Chrome, you’ll automatically get the latest Flash Player, and most users will be updated within 24 hours (the Dev channel will be updated by the end of the week).

Chrome 5.0 users who can’t wait to get the new version of Flash Player can select “About Google Chrome” under the Tools menu (indicated by the wrench icon near the Chrome address bar) to trigger the latest update.

It works just fine in Internet Explorer for some reason.

I'm using Windows XP and flash player has been working fine in all my browsers until I upgraded to the newest version.

In addition, developers can view this Tech Note to learn how to download a separate version of Flash Player manually and use it with Chrome.

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