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The same journey by car takes around eight hours, a bus takes ten hours or more and neither of those figures accounts for traffic congestion.

Deutsche Bahn operates the vast majority of German long distance trains and also sells tickets for regional and local trains operated by other companies.

For travel beyond Munich, a Bayern-Ticket (€20 Single, €28 for 2-5 P) covers all transport (S-/U-Bahn, trams, buses) in Munich (MVV) as well as on/off travel on regional trains in Bavaria the rest of the day (until 3 AM the next morning).

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We shall arrive in Frankfurt, go by train to Bacharach, and then, after two days, by train to Berlin.

I want to start using the pass when we travel from Bacharach to Berlin (so, for traveling from Frankfurt to Bacharach I'll buy normal tickets). My question is: can be the pass validated two days before first trip, or this must be done in the day of first trip?

Nearly every town and many rural areas have scheduled local bus service.

In larger towns and cities, lines crisscross the city.

Germany's rail system is fast and reliable and covers most points of interest.

While tickets booked "last minute" can be expensive, a bit of planning can make tickets surprisingly cheap.

Where in the airport do you have to go to validate it so you can travel on the S-Bahn?

If all you want to do that day is get into downtown Munich, and if you don't want to waste a day of the rail pass, a 4 zone single trip ticket is €9,60 p P.

Most medium and large cities have a streetcar (tram) system, sometimes fairly extensive.

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