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The legacy of British rule is reflected in the country's political administration and diverse population, which includes Indian, African, Amerindian, and multiracial groups.

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A smiling woman with large, syrupy eyes tried to pin a candy cane on my shirt. "I could tell," Chapman said, "that it wasn't their final statement.

She explained that the Hare Krishnas were feeding people all over the world, and she had this record album and a book and a magazine – "Like, it's ecstatic" – and would I like to cough up a donation. It was Jones'." Somehow that single thought was the most terrifying thing Chapman said that morning.

Stuck in the Miami airport, through no fault of my own, I paced. He moved around to get that angle: the contrast of life and death. One arm was up over his head, stiff in rigor mortis.

I was a journalist, a ghoul, with a desire to go where no sane man would wish to go. The skin was stretched tight over the hand, and it looked desperate, like a claw." There was something else, something about the arrangement of the bodies that struck Chapman. Most of the others were face down, their heads pointing to Jones.

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"Doesn't this Jonestown stuff make you wonder about yourself? he Park Hotel is a big, faded, white, four-story frame building surrounded by palms.

"There were colors everywhere: raincoats and shirts and pants in reds and greens and blues; bright, happy colors." Chapman saw two parrots on a fence, a red and yellow macaw and a blue and yellow macaw. Her head was swollen to the size of a bowling ball. The entire eyeball was resting outside the socket." Chapman paused. He lost the thread of his thought momentarily and his eyes went blank. Either that or his skin was bulging out, because you could tell it was holding in liquids and goo. There was a wound under his right ear and it was oozing.

The parish continued to be served by the Jesuits (until 2004), although the land and the property belonged to the diocese.

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