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Growing up I was always told there is no need to work too hard, but more importantly to marry a man who can support me, have kids, be mother and a wife." “Experimental Relationship” is also an homage to the complicated geopolitical history of China and Japan – the lovers' respective home countries.

Liao adds, "Japan and China have a long and complicated story.

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The process repeats until everyone at the event has “dated” each other.

Afterward, the male and female participants let the event organizer know which partners they would like to see again.

Before Bollywood sauntered on to the scene, India discovered gender reversal through ads, Facebook campaigns and web series.

When mainstream Bollywood decided it was ready to talk about gender roles and bust stereotypes, it made everyone take notice. We still make an unhealthily large proportion of regurgitated masala, but in recent times, we’ve heard other, critical voices too.

was made by French actress and director Éléonore Pourriat, and shows a world in which typical gender roles are reversed. It made me sad, then angry, then sad, then angry, and then I wanted to punch the world in the face and then I resolved to change everything!

(Don't worry, a man made it.) NSFW if where you work is not cool with naked boobs.

The tagline describes it as: “A Blog to Discuss the Wonderful Trend of Male Femininity and the Feminization of Men and Boys.

The Empowerment of Women and the Future of Gender Roles.” It’s a fascinating assemblage of photos, writing, and links that make a case for the increasing masculization of women and feminization of men.

The woman is ambitious but ruthless and messy, while the man gives fitness lessons to kitty party girlfriends. Formula-hunting Bollywood rarely leads, but follows. So, a lot of the smaller factors that enabled us to even attempt such conversations deserve attention.

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