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TLC has ordered a new geek dating show called Did you have the same reaction I did?

Did you find it uncomfortable to watch folks that look like people you know, who have a tough time in social situations, being put on parade? I’m a geek, this is how most people still view us, and it’s an incredibly wasted opportunity.

Perhaps the network realized they had bitten the hand they were trying to draw out—and that without the the geek community’s support the show would be a much harder won success. And this is stupendously ironic when you consider the fact that reality television exists for the sole purpose of making every kind of person look insane, out of touch, and ultimately laughable.

From rich housewives to country bumpkins to suburbanites with packing crates full of kids, no one is saved from torment. The premise of allows the show a plethora of colorful characters due to its basic premise—we’re following individuals who signed up for New York Comic Con’s speed dating event last year.

And hey, let’s get a guy talking about how much he loves Slave Leia! Don’t even get me started on the play made to associate geeks with serial killers. I doubt it but I feel like I need to put that out there.

gk2is the largest online dating website with for nerds, dorks, and geeks.

So how do you engage the geek community with a reality show about themselves without alienating them? Speed dating alone is fodder enough for comedy, but now we’re getting it with the buzz of a con atmosphere and plenty of costumed heroes to grab quotes from.

Far from a humdrum, dimly lit cocktail club, this setting provides us all of the action with a healthy dose of fun.

It was actually my first speed dating experience so it was awkward to begin with. I met a wide array of fellow geeks, some were easier to talk to than others and some fit that general geek stereotype but it was a great experience.

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