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"The whole process was awful – spending so much time chatting, staying at home because I didn't want to miss messages – it's a full-time job! "I felt less isolated, less like a fr…" he stops and changes words, "like a weirdo," adding that what would have made an even greater difference was something that could have enabled him to find people close by." But I sense that there is a deeper motivation and, gradually, it emerges. "It's so much more impactful when you know there's someone in your own community, 1,000 feet away, who's also gay." Fifteen years later, he would turn this need into a reality.

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"We have a clear Biblical definition of marriage which is the union of one man and one woman and through that we value traditional family life,” he said.

“But I would like to reiterate our genuine sentiment to every single Jewish man and woman: you have a home in our synagogue and we will make you feel comfortable regardless of who you are." Asked, during a BBC interview, whether he was “out of step with modern society”, he said: "Equality is what we strive for but when we talk about equality it is not uniformity.

After emigrating with his family to America from Israel, aged three, Simkhai grew up in Mamaroneck, a small, conservative town in New York state. But there is one other thing he feels would have made a different to him then: role models."Part of the problem [for young gay people] is feeling that, 'it's not going to work out for me.' There are more role models now but we need a lot more of them.

It was here that Simkhai began to realise that he was gay; it proved incredibly isolating."I didn't know anyone who was gay. I was so happy to see [the US news anchor] Anderson Cooper come out, Lord Browne [the former chief executive of BP] has just written a book about coming out, and hopefully other CEOs and business leaders will, too.

“The refusal to even step inside a Reform synagogue makes it clear that he is in no position to represent all British Jews.

Five years on from its launch and Grindr is the world's most popular dating app for gay men. We start to chat, exchanging hellos, how-are-yous, a few LOLs.This page also contains important information and links to resources which will enable you to find services to assist you.If you need assistance or more information , please contact Jconnect at [email protected] through the Contact Us page.“When we talk for example of men and women and the opportunity within synagogues and within community life there are clear roles that different people can play and in that way each of us can achieve his or her own amazing potential." Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, a prominent figure in the liberal-leaning Reform synagogue, urged Rabbi Mirvis to break with tradition and abandon the title of Chief Rabbi as a symbol of reconciliation with the growing progressive congregations.Progressive synagogues now account for around a third of all Jewish congregations in mainland Britain but Rabbi Mirvis has already declined to break with tradition and visit one – although he insisted he wanted to work closely with non-orthodox rabbis.If an ex’s wife scouting a crowd on your behalf sounds uncomfortable, you might want to stick with Chinese food and a movie on Christmas Eve. 24, you’re likely to run into any or all of the following: former flames, current crushes, and lots of people you’ve never met. Bring a few friends who can get you out of any undesirable conversations and dance circles, rope you into good ones — or scoop you up off the bathroom floor, should the night come to that.

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