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Muse responded to Quintana's most recent claims in an interview with the New York Daily News, saying; 'I find it very upsetting that the father of my son would continue to make these ridiculous allegations about me.'When Arizona returned, it was very obvious she was under the influence of drugs when she showed up to my flat. I asked her to get rest, and come back to my flat the next day.I was very disappointed.''Before leaving Europe, Arizona convinced me to give her Nikko's passport.

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(And Arizona’s new hair was styled into a softer bob.) So here’s the inevitable question, just to get things started: Is all the smizing and camaraderie just a good case of “acting” for the camera, or a sign of something more lovey-dovey?

's Market Editor, Joann Pailey, people at the Paris couture shows are saying that models Arizona Muse and Freja Beha Erichsen are dating.

In a mass email sent out in the middle of New York Fashion Week to his contacts in the industry, Manuel Quintana is claiming that Muse fled the country with their six-year-old son Nikko while they were living in London and then had her modelling agency revoke the visa they had obtained for him forcing him to leave England.

He then talks about Muse's alleged problem with drugs and alcohol, though does not get into as much detail as he did on his own blog back in 2013 when he went so far as to share text messages he claimed were from the model desperate for Adderall while in Mystique.

As Arizona walked into the palatial mansion she shares with Freja, she could smell that a fire had been lit in the fireplace. We’ll have to research further so I appreciate you taking the time to google on your ipod touch. ” Freja mumbled, frustrated that there weren’t more pictures of Sasha Luss on the internet. ” Arizona asked, worried that if Wixson was right about this, imagine the other Wixsonisms that would have to be reviewed for hidden truths. “Should we go tell her that we’re her parents and she has to come live with us in our opulent mansion? "That does seem like the motherly thing to do,“ Freja agreed.

Arizona had forgotten which room contained the fireplace so she began her search. If you liked this piece, please consider buying my full length novel- T/James Reagan’s "Famous For Nothing” here for . The reason I was 'what the fuck'ing is because I think I found our daughter.” “Our…daughter. Freja tried to also process what Arizona was saying. As Freja and Arizona made their way across the party to their daughter, 'zona asked, "How did this happen? I think we need to focus on our daughter.“ "What do we say to her?

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Top models — and rumored dating couple — Freja Beha Erichsen and Arizona Muse shot what appears to be part of Chloé’s spring 2012 ad campaign this past weekend.

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