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Throughout Cathy’s childhood, she pointedly causes harm to anyone who holds a relationship with her.She uses her precocious sexuality to manipulate and destroy men; she frames two young boys for attempting to rape her, and drives her naïve Latin professor to commit suicide by toying with his affections.

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The majority of individuals that I see struggle with anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, self-injury, school problems, and ADHD.

However, I also have advanced training in working with individuals with chronic mental health issues and personality disorders.""The individuals that I treat most often have varying levels of need and are at different stages in their own therapeutic process.

While adjusting your tricorn hat, consider some lesser-known history about that steamy July week in 1776.

This brief video was taken by Justin Gould Wednesday evening while he was casting for stripers off Plum Island.

The SOCIAL membership is $5/mo billed in 6 month recurring increments.

Couples and families will improve their relationships by effectively communicating and increasing their understanding of each other's needs.

At a young age, she learns to mimic emotions she is incapable of feeling and con people into giving her what she wants.

She attempts to run away once, at 16, to Boston, but her father tracks her down and reluctantly whips her as punishment.

Beneath her charming, attractive facade, she is an evil woman who manipulates and destroys people for her own amusement and profit.

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