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They only have sex once in autumn, the only time when mothers give birth to males.Asexual reproduction makes sense for aphid mothers since they pass on all of their genes to their daughters.

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They described the change from a close-knit country town into the suburban city of today.

They also recalled the place's history and rituals of segregation -- a stark contrast to its now-lauded racial diversity.

In 1949 there was a theater in Sugar Land named the Palms, and my father, Alois Goehring, was the first projectionist for it.

During the summer months, he would train high school boys to run the projector for the weekdays, since my father had a second job.

If they reproduced sexually, their offspring would only inherit half of their genes, diminishing their legacy.

Why then would a female aphid choose to have sex at all?

It may sound like a bizarre fantasy, but it’s just part of life for aphids.

Aphids mostly reproduce without sex, giving rise to many all-female generations that are exact copies (clones) of their parents.

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