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Two men filming rough seas on their phones were hit by a huge wave that swept them off their feet.

Dramatic video shows the men standing near a sea wall in Redondo Beach, California, when the massive wall of surf crashes down on them.

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While out on the water they decide to trade spouses and try new parings.

Part 4 picks up with the aftermath of a charity auction where the men were auctioned off as sex slaves.

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It is pretty simple—internet is far cheaper than regular calling.

While local calls are almost free, inter-city and international calls are pretty expensive. However, chat applications solved this issue by allowing users to communicate with people overseas using the internet route.

Currently, waves around Redondo Beach are around three to five foot, with a 13mph offshore wind, according to a surf forecasting website.

Summary: Two couples rent a large sailboat for their vacation.

Seuls les membres premium peuvent voir les webcams des autres membres.

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