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Opium (5729 Seminole Way): Busy nightclub type venue. / to get in the door and, once in, it was incredibly loud and packed with really unattractive people. Bottleservice tables opposite the bar and an entire VIP 2nd floor that was unreachable and not visible to the lower floor, which is pointless. Very expensive, as per hotel lounge standards, but easy to hear and large outdoor patio overlooking the ocean (which was very dark). Avoid the Hard Rock Resort and play to the posh beach crowd to do well. Are you ready to tackle the lovely beach beauties of Florida? Drinks were weak and expensive and we only spent about 20 minutes of our time doing our Kickstart Opener, with average success. Judging from the popularity of the events (attendance has doubled at each new gathreing) this formula for love seems to be working.

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Tequila Ranch (5760 Seminole Way): Saddle Ranch type bar including mechanical bull. Mostly guys trying to pick up the few nonexistent Fort Lauderdale girls and hired guns.

Slow on Friday at midnight, which is unusual, but it’s advertised as a restaurant, so they might not advertise for the bar crowd.

"Women in this age bracket are twice as likely to respond to men that are five years younger than they are, whereas men are more likely to respond to a lot of women both younger and older.

We believe this is because men are less likely to be the recipient of the first message as typical instigators which makes them more responsive overall."A significant factor in finding a potential partner for over 50s is geographical location.

After analyzing data from over two million of its active members, AYI found that at least half were aged 50 or over, thanks to a shift in societal attitudes and an increasing trend for older populations to use social media sites like Facebook as a launching pad to enter the online dating scene.“Older people are starting to catch on that online dating is not just for young people,” AYI data insight expert Josh Fischer explained to Alter Net.

While entering the dating scene may seem daunting to people of any age who are newly unattached, according to global online dating app, more and more older people are turning to online dating sites in a bid to find romance again.

The research found that generally speaking cities with warmer climates are greater dating havens compared with colder weather climates.

The worst places to date in the United States for singles over 50 are Detroit, MI; Buffalo, NY; and Philadelphia, PA.

It's located about 40 minute drive from Miami South Beach, and has a larger gay scene.

It has several really large gay bars, and also some popular cruise clubs. Some Atlantis and RSVP gay cruises depart from Port Everglades.

Santa Barbara Matchmakings Lisa Darsonval can help.

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