Forget dinner dating review

I attended Gai Gai’s dating event over the weekend and honestly? I entered the place slightly bothered by the weather, but was pleasantly surprised by the surroundings of the restaurant.It was on a docked boat, generously spaced and immensely calming.

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It overlooks the gently-lapping river – I couldn’t have thought of a better place!

Armed with the tips (read here) provided by the experts behind Paktor, I straightened myself up and spoke to the man opposite me. He was not overly shy, he was a successful man and he was looking for genuine friends.

Kirsten: Yeah...that's probably why I don't like it. Javi: Bumble takes you back to, like, junior high where you're waiting for the girl you like to talk to you or call you. And if the girl has to make the first move, to me, it feels like they actually like you.

Kirsten: Yeah, I like Bumble because I like the control of it.

As a result, a former no-man's land south of the river is fast becoming the most exciting base for a weekend break in the capital...

A sweeping, spiral staircase links 10 concrete floors in the triumphant Switch House, designed by architects Herzog and de Meuron, responsible for revamping the original power station.Gai Gai (走街) is the new business arm of Singapore’s first online dating application – Paktor.Gai Gai serves a similar purpose to Paktor of connecting people, particularly singles.Up until the Millennium, industrial husks were consigned to a dusty, undesirable past.Now hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants are springing up in forgotten spaces and backstreets, all with distinctive character and creative bent, following the Tate's exploratory, artistic lead. I don't care who you are, what you do, or what you look like.

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