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As with so many fetishes, it was born of my reaction to a single human being: a certain Baby Fireman who contacted me via the Internet personals a while back. MK: Are there any topics of conversation that firemen find especially interesting? Sure, it's true that we don't work the same kind of hours as some other people, but we also go to a lot of funerals, and visit a lot of guys we know in the hospital. But most firemen like to have fun, so they like women who can hold their own in conversation: who are capable of joking around, busting their chops, pushing back a little. MK: How about I send the bill to the Fire Commissioner, and we'll call it even? F: Also, firemen like women who know how to empathize--good listeners. Please let me know what happens if you everyone had good points about the cheating business.

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The trauma docs I work for tend to have a very "odd" sense of humor, and if you don't work around them, you wouldn't get it. The things you're exposed to everyday sometimes changes the way you "handle things", compared to others.

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A firefighter (also fireman) is a rescuer extensively trained in firefighting, primarily to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten property and human or natural populations, and to rescue people from dangerous situations, like collapsed or burning buildings or crashed vehicles.

In some areas, they are also trained in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and operate ambulances in addition to being a firefighter.Due to the hours, and understanding if you don't hear from me it means I'm busy not ignoring you!They can understand if you had a hard shift and well obviously share the love of the same thing! I've had outside relationships of non EMS and the drama was horrible the whole you said you'd be off at 1900 hrs ya well got a late call sorry our plans got cancelled you know what I mean?!Firefighting and firefighters have become ubiquitous around the world, from wildlands to urban areas, and aboard ships.In urban areas across the world the city's population is protected by paid full-time firefighters.Often initial firefighting skills are taught during a local, regional, or state approved fire academy.

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