Onlinesexchating com - Firefox url not updating

I can't find anything that explains tab control adequetly. When opening a web page a tab appears at top..the right of the X which closes the window is a "New tab" on this to be able to open instantly any one of your ten...

One is that many webpages and online services are slow with updates for Ubuntu.

When my Firefox was last updated I could no longer use one of the webpages I most frequently use, and worse, I could no longer use my electronic identification for bank/tax services etc. I don't understand why this thread is marked as [SOLVED].

But this seems not to remove the URLs I've typed into the address bar when calling up those pages.

So they are still used to predict the URLs I want to type in later.

Plugins are made by third party companies like Google, Adobe, Apple for seamless integration of their services and features with Firefox browser.

As a user, you should check for outdated plugins and update them to new version.It is way too time consuming to install in a VM just to find out.It would take about 4 hours work just to get Explorer to open without crashing(assuming I had... Not seen this mentioned anywhere..across it by accident....If there are many similar URLs you want to get rid of, you might need to backspace the last character and type it again to refresh the list. Hitting removes them from the list while it's open, but the bookmark will be suggested again next time you type a similar URL.If that causes you a problem: on the Options dialog, on the Privacy tab, there's an option to make it only suggest from history, not bookmarks.Preferable with some easy clicks for the end-user -- but I wouldn't mind doing so via command-line if necessary (e.g. Edit: Thanks to Dan's answer a part of my issue is explained -- and I found out I missed to fully describe it.

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