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Not everyone is present enough to see through it all, but the whole job/money and ego/identity crisis is a big illusion that men suffer from.I’m not saying that guys should be cheap, but you and I both know that the amount of money a guy spends on a date isn’t going to change how you feel about him in your heart.I’m going to make the assumption that this isn’t a ploy on his part to go on “cheap dates”.

Teenagers who get married typically drop out of high school within a year of getting hitched.

This is mostly due to the stress that marriage causes a relationship when getting wedded as an adolescent, also because most teenage marriages are often forced due to the ever-growing problem of teen pregnancy.

Financial abuse, while less commonly understood, is one of the most powerful methods of keeping a survivor trapped in an abusive relationship and deeply diminishes her ability to stay safe after leaving an abusive relationship.

Research indicates that financial abuse is experienced in 98% of abusive relationships and surveys of survivors reflect that concerns over their ability to provide financially for themselves and their children was one of the top reason for staying in or returning to a battering relationship.

This is perhaps why schools are ranked not only in terms of their A-level results but on how many students receive a university place. I was surrounded by incredibly driven and capable young people, labelled ‘high achieving’ by the education system but who were suddenly unable to get a job.

We were told that the ‘credit crunch’ had hit hard, resulting in training programs being cut and firms not hiring.

While there’s a danger in the rhetoric still presented by schools that a university education buys you a future, a greater risk lies in the lack of financial literacy among young people today.

A You Gov poll released recently revealed that money management is the main reason why adults want to improve their numeracy skills.

Financial abuse along with emotional, physical and sexual abuse, manipulation, intimidation and threats are all intentional tactics used by an abuser aimed at entrapping the partner in the relationship.

In some abusive relationships, financial abuse is present throughout the relationship and in other cases financial abuse becomes present when the survivor is attempting to leave or has left the relationship.

As with all forms of abuse, it occurs across all socio-economic, educational and racial and ethnic groups.

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