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In the meantime, she hit the weights, harder than she ever had.► Related: A few minutes with ... Did he ever tell you why he thought you would be a good candidate for this? Have you always been in pretty good shape as an adult? I’ve always worked out.► Related: A few minutes with ... So you’re going from basically a fitness instructor to competition.

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An exhibition of women who make your hearts glow and your faces grin.

Gallery open for the week of the Lismore Women's Festival.

Time: 10am - 4pm Thurs and Fri, 10am-2pm weekends Cost: Free Info: [email protected] ' Woman - In All Her Forms' art exhibition Now until March 20 at the Serpentine Community Gallery, 17 Bridge Street, North Lismore.

10% of all sales will be donated to the Lismore Womens & Children's Refuge 10am-4pm weekdays, 10am-2pm weekends. Open House Free Trials Now until March 12 at Curves, 2/155 Keen Street Lismore Curves will be open to Festival attendees and their friends and family for free introductory workout trials for the duration of the Festival.

In fact, making fun of someone who’s just trying to better themselves through exercise? Should you invite the person to stop or get a personal trainer involved in your dispute? In fact, people came out in droves to make it clear that people like Andrews are exactly the reason that so many people who need to be at the gym aren’t.

That’s going to cost you thousands of followers and a whole bunch of (well-deserved? The story is this: Earlier this month, Andrews went to the gym where she saw something that made her blood boil.

At her worst she weighed just four stone, had a BMI of eight and felt 'dead'.

She miraculously survived after three weeks of being heavily sedated and tube fed and was discharged from hospital six months later, in June 2012.

No, it wasn’t someone not wiping down a machine after using it — the worst sin, even though paper towels soaked in anti-bacterial soap probably do nothing — or a gym bunny hogging three machines at one time.

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